Hello! We are the Gil family, party of two, soon to be three. Jorge and I were married in 2016 with big dreams and a passion for life. We’re so excited that you’ve joined us on The Productive Journey and hope that you stick around. Here’s just a little taste of who we are and what The Productive Journey means to us.

Jorge was born and raised in Mexico with a hard-working attitude and healthy sense of humor. He has a passion for graphic designing and branding, and most of his skills and knowledge in this area are self taught. He is always willing to learn new things and never afraid to jump in to new projects head first. He feels most productive when working with and around other people and believes that a good life consists of time with family, hard work, and good food.

Emilyn, although native to Utah, reserves a special place in her heart for several other countries including Mexico, Argentina, and Canada. She is positive and diligent, with an extra spice of humor and spunk. She is currently working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in English at Utah Valley University and works as a freelance writer. She loves spending time outside, playing music, and crafting. She believes that a good life consists of good people, and feels most productive when she loses track of time doing something she’s passionate about.

How The Productive Journey Began

Ever since Jorge and I were married we discussed starting a project together. A video, a podcast, a website, some sort of platform where we could tap into our creativity and share our ambitions with others. We tossed around ideas here and there but nothing sounded exactly right.

Finally we came across the idea of The Productive Journey where we could share tips and advice on living a good life. We believe that a productive mindset is key no matter what your current project, goals, or lifestyle may be.

Our main objective is to help others get into a good mindset in order to be productive, successful, and happy in life. We’ve only got a few decades under our belt so far, but we’re so excited to share our experiences and insights, and learn from you as well!

Welcome to The Productive Journey!